Joe Rudolph

Reports starting to surface that Winscons Offensive coordinator/offensive line coach has interviewed and impressed for the vacant HC position. On the surface looks pretty good; successful at P5 coordinator position, long history of coaching, Pennsylvania guy, and strong recruiter. He checks all the boxes Pat Kraft is looking for, including a coach that is hungry to head coach at a P5 program. This, once again, strikes me as a two-and-done coach. That being said, he just whooped Mann Diaz’s Miami defense so we would have that going for us.

I think it would be a fantastic hire, but for long term stability of the program, probably not the best choice.

Other rumors include some MAC coaches and if that’s the case I like Buffalo’s Leipold and E. Michigan’s Creighton. I think both have done excellent at schools that are in recruiting deadlines and hapless because of it. They’ve done tremendous jobs turning those programs into respectable football programs.

Whoever the new HC is will have to retain Fran Brown, Foley, DiMichele, and Infante.

Speaking of coordinators, Alabama last night….

Showed us why they are so important. The greatest team this decade has 2 issues: Special Teams and a weaker coaching staff. Clemson won not only because they were constantly attacking and making the plays, but because they have a better DC and OC.

Assembling a staff that is excellent overcame the best CFB head coach in history and the best football team this decade.

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