Rod Carey To Temple!

Temple at long last has found its new, new head coach. Carey has coached Northern Illinois since 2012 where he took over Dave Doeren. The Huskies that year went to play in the Orange Bowl, where Carey took over the reins for the bowl game and the Huskies undefeated season crumbled.

He then took a loaded roster in 2013 and 2014 and in successive seasons made it to the MAC Championship game.h

Unlike previous head coaching hires where Pat Kraft went for an up and coming coordinator, Carey Mark’s a significant departure in strategy for Kraft who has struggled to maintain continuity. Carey appears to be the safe hire, showing the ropes to Fran Brown for when it’s his time to take over. After all, isn’t that the point? If you want to win conference championships and NY6 bids you don’t tap a HC who has went 0.500 the past 4 seasons in a mediocre conference. If Fran is the future, then a HC who has an extensive coaching history is probably the right man to help mend and mold Fran Brown.

That being said…

He is a more than capable head coach to prevent the program from sinking. Not spectacular, not awful, just a head coach to keep the program stable.

His recruiting leaves a lot to be desired. Some years not bad, other years one of the worst in the country (ranked 95th or worse). Now granted getting players to Northern Illinois isn’t easy, but he has no ties to our area so I’ll be curious how he does here.

Fran Brown…

Has already received 2 verbal pledges without a head coach. If Carey wants to be successful here he needs coordinators that can do a better job than he can. Fran Brown is that guy. Even Foley, DiMichele, and Infante can be strong assistants to help recruit our footprint.

Overall, I’m expecting several 7-5 seasons but that’s not the end goal. We are more or less trying to stabilize the head coaching position and ready the program for Fran Brown who will then take it to new heights

Hire Grade: C+

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