Rod Carey to Temple (Part II)

So the introductory press conference has come and gone and Temple moves on with it’s new man in charge. He was simple and to the point; he wanted to be here and didn’t care about buyout amounts. Saying TempleTuff is a thing of the past. Being TempleTuff, acting with Tuffness, that’s the Carey Way. Temple will pound the rock like NIU has over the past few seasons, averaging in the top quarter of FBS programs in rush attempts.

Where Does Temple Go From Here?

Recruting, recruiting, recruiting. Carey was seen at the TUMBB earlier this afternoon but hopefully soon after will hit the recruiting trail. We will have to see how he rounds out the staff but I would hope he doesn’t rush too much. Foley, DiMichele, Brown, and Infante should all do a solid job as Brown has already secured 2 verbals. Whatever coordinators he brings from NIU should be carefully considered…

Anthony Russo

Running is important but Temple has an elite QB that was grossly underutilized the past 2 seasons. That being said, Temple’s offense produced total yards like never before once it got rolling. Carey needs to pick the right guy that understands the type of firepower the Owls have on offense. Establishing a number 1 RB will also be important. Not sure if we have the equivalent of Ryquell Armstead on our roster right now

So It All Comes Down To…

Recruiting and evaluating! Bring in the right staff, recruit your tail off the next 5 weeks, and evaluate your talent to maximize production! Hopefully it doesn’t take until week 4 for the next offensive coordinator to figure things out.

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