Temple Football Staff

It appears that Rod Carey is just about finished with assembling his staff, only needing a co-offensive coordinator/wr coach who will almost certainly perform both roles. The staff looks very much like NIU East with almost all of the NIU coordinators migrating east.

I cannot stress how terrible that appears. Now granted, assembling a staff on such short notice is difficult, and Carey likely wants to bring familiar faces for his own continuity. Most coaches who switch to new programs bring in a fair amount of coaches from their previous job. This is nothing new. But when you bring in most of your coordinators, assistants, and strength team, that’s too much. For both Temple and NIU that has been absolutely gutted a few weeks before signing day.

Carey should do better

Bringing in an offensive coordinator who has been all but mediocre is not an enticing option. Similarly, the defensive coordinator from NIU isn’t inspiring at all. The DL and DB coaches look solid but I would hope Carey could do better. And when you lose your top choice of co-offensive coordinator to Alabama, things are limited. But not much creativity going on which is a bad sign for the program going forward. At least Collins used his network of coaching stops to bring coordinators from other programs. Patenaude was at least putting up big numbers out of Coastal Carolina with 4 different QBs before he came here. I’m just not seeing Carey trying to diversify his staff enough from other areas who have been under different coaching trees.

So far…

Recruiting has also been quite, less than 2 weeks left and both of our recent commits opened things up and aren’t committed.

I am dubious about the staff as it stands. NIU has been hovering at 0.500 and most of the early success at NIU Carey has had can be attributed to the previous staff.

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