Temple Draft

2016 AAC Champs

The 2019 draft has come and gone and another year with multiple Temple players selected. This marks the 4th year in a row where Temple has had multiple players drafted, the most of any program in the Group of 5. What’s even more impressive, the 2016 AAC Championship squad now has 28 players on NFL rosters. TWENTY-EIGHT!! That is an incredible number for what many consider to be a mid-level program. Temple has established itself as an established program capable of developing NFL talent. Unlike the big name schools, Temple has often worked with the overlooked and underrated recruits that few schools offer. Often the case is a recruit attends the Temple camps and earns his offer that way. And then after 4 years of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to being Temple Tuff, many head to an NFL roster.


That many players drafted raises many questions, what would’ve happened had Matt Rhule stayed? Or what if Collins stayed? Would Temple be competing for a NY6 spot and multiple AAC Championships? It’s likely given the amount of talent that has gone to the NFL that Temple would’ve been extremely competitive in the AAC. Coach Carey and Co. have to continue to scout and DEVELOP players…


Coach Carey and the NIU staff are responsible for having 2 players at NIU get drafted this year and several others get picked up as UDFA. This is no small feet for a MAC program. I think Carey and the staff currently assembled have the potential to continue Temple’s recent success of mining and developing diamonds.

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