Delvon Randall

Former Temple Safety Delvon Randall was released from the Eagles recently after he signed as UDFA. Fortunately for Randall he has plenty of NFL interest and will be making his way to camps this summer. He is a legitimate NFL Safety. Prior to the start of the 2019 season, Randall had been projected to go as early as late 1st round pick all the way to the mid-rounds.

Below are links to articles from last year about the late 1st round mock draft pick and his potential

Delvon Randall late 1st round pick

Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Delvon Randall

Delvon Randall Post Gazette

Here is another article from December analyzing and projecting the Temple star as a mid-round pick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Preview listing Randall as possibly “falling” to a day 3 pick

So it came as a bit of a surprise that Randall, who did have a somewhat quiet year at Safety and was overshadowed by DB Rock Ya-Sin, went completely undrafted AND was let go after being signed as a UDFA. Still, in an article written earlier this week by Pete Long of Fanside, he lists more reasons for why Randall will be a steal for whoever picks him up. The two-time All-Conference safety will be a solid NFL safety and will make a head coach look pretty smart.

I know Randall will have himself an excellent career. The former Temple safety has the ball hawking skills, tackling ability, range, IQ, toughness, and athletic ability to become a fine NFL safety.

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