Memphis basketball recruiting and why it matters to Temple Football

That is not an erroneous headline.

Right now Memphis basketball is on the cusp of having the best 2019 recruiting class in the country. Not the best in the American or G5, in all of college basketball.

So why does that matter to Temple football?

You can argue, for example, that Memphis basketball recruiting well forces other basketball programs to elevate their staff. If Memphis can do it, so can UConn or Cinci or Houston or Temple. The fact of the matter is, we as a group of 5 school have that group of 5 mentality that the big schools, blue bloods and P5s, will always land the big basketball stars. I can guarantee you that is not how Hardaway is recruiting at Memphis. With Aaron Mckie now taking over, we will see how Temple basketball recruiting improves, having already landed two quality transfers and newly minted Rivals150 combo guard in Pierre-Louis.

But back to Temple football…

Football is not the same when it comes to recruiting. The sheer volume of players required to field a team and overall quality of high school football players ready to make the jump to FBS is already limiting factor in recruiting. Not to mention Temple football spent a good 20 years being a dumpster fire with some quality players sprinkled in. Without much history and a limited supply of coaches willing to come here, Temple has to deal with mining for underrecruited talent. And over the last 3-4 years they’ve been incredibly successful, sending 28 players to the NFL and being the only G5 program to have multiple draft picks 4 years in a row. Temple has set a foundation of developing players to become NFL talents. The key is recruiting.

Rod Carey and staff enter Temple in their 1st year, but unlike Collins and Rhule, him and his staff are not new to their positions, aside from the RBs coach, Gabe Infante. They should have a short leash, perhaps 2 years, to prove they belong in the AAC.

Memphis basketball recruiting is a signal to the ADs in the AAC that the major limitation holding this conference back is their own perception. Temple football, with the right coach in place, has enough talent in our footprint to recruit a top 25 team. Period. And if Memphis basketball lands the #1 recruiting spot, the AAC and Temple football should have equal aspirations.

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