Temple Football Walk-On

I came across a pretty cool story about Lely High School’s Kenneth Anyaehie, a 6’2 205 LB out of Naples Florida who originally committed to FCS Stetson. Unfortunately for Stetson it didn’t quite work out and he signed with Temple. The interesting thing about Anyaehia, like so many other Temple walk-ons, is that he is still new to the game, still adding to his frame, still learning the nuances. His potential for growth. He is Nigerian born and had been primarily focused on his schoolwork but eventually was convinced to give football a try and now he has a chance to really ramp things up.

The beauty about Temple is, their football program breeds success! In the last several seasons, 28 players have made it to NFL rosters. There are more Temple players getting invited to camps than ever before! Temple is the ONLY G5 program to have multiple draft picks for 4 consecutive years. And more importantly, Temple athletics ranks #7 in the country in academic performance (APP), tied for 9th in multi-year academic performance rate (APR), and they were #2 in the last year, only trailing Northwestern! These numbers are better 120+ other FBS programs. That’s a true testament to the staff and culture Temple has developed. Kudos to all of the people in the athletics department that help these young athletes succeed in the classroom!

So to Mr. Anyaehie, welcome to Temple Football and to a top student-athlete university.

If you want to read more about Kenneth Anyaehie and his journey, click here

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