Temple vs Buffalo Post-Game Thoughts

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Never underestimate a well-coached team

In a game where Temple was a road favorite by almost two touchdowns, expectations were high that the Owls would come away from Buffalo victorious. As such when you are dealing with 18-22 year old’s, nothing is given and everything must be earned every single Saturday. Temple started off the game well, but a special teams blunder (again) was enough to cause a cascade of issues culminating that bubbled to the surface the issues with this football team. I don’t want to get into a very long winded post about all of the things that went wrong yesterday, but I’ll just write down some game notes and hit the reset button. Hopefully the team does the same.


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  • Quickly about the post-game interview, I am okay with Carey keeping the players away. I know media will hate it because they drove 6 hours and want to hear from the players, but Carey’s view is understandable and I’m fine with it. Team needed a long hot shower.
  • Carey quickly rectified the long snapper situation, but Barry still handling punting duties when he cannot be counted on for consistency is concerning
  • Russo is forcing his throws still
  • Uremovich likes his timing patterns and Russo can’t hit them. Not this week, not last week, and saw it against Bucknell too
  • Offense unbalanced, the numbers will be skewed because they quickly hit the panic button and went into throwing mode
  • I get the offensive line wasn’t getting much push early in the game and the runs weren’t going very far, but you can still just pound the rock. Davis broke free for a big gain later on in the game and we instantly went for 3 straight passes. That’s just one example of coaching errors, and there were plenty
  • Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Interceptions, dropped passes, poor blocking, all of it
  • Uremovich and Carey are supposed to keep their composure but Uremovich especially gets some of the blame with lack of adjustments. Throw, throw, throw is not the answer to a deficit
  • Defense front 7 struggled hard. Buffalo has a solid offensive line and leads the MAC blah blah blah. Maryland lead the nation in scoring and Temple shut them down. The team is capable of better. Does Buffalo have a good offensive line? Sure, but Temple’s front 7, even without Bradley, should have been able to keep them under 200 yards rushing. Poor field position and a constantly being asked to defend the redzone for 2 weeks takes its toll I suppose.
  • I cannot figure out the defense. Consistently letting 10 yard run when it seems like they may get off the field. Undisciplined in the run game.
  • Braswell played well in coverage
  • Turnovers by Russo are a theme. I don’t know where Centeio is but if you notice your QB is off, its okay to switch things up a bit. Just letting him go back out there to continue to throw interceptions or fumble the ball is not acceptable. I don’t care about the two garbage touchdowns, perhaps it makes them feel better that they were able to move the ball against Buffalo’s 3rd string defense
  • Buffalo had so thoroughly dominated the game that they trotted out the way deep-down depth chart. 3rd and 4th stringers were out there. This isn’t Ohio State folks. Buffalo took out there backups against our starters. That’s disrespectful. Good for them.
  • Good coaching is always dangerous and Buffalo was ready. Well designed run plays killed the Owls on a few QB keepers. LB’s lacked eye discipline on several occasions.

things to remember

  • Temple still has another P5 opponent this week to makeup for a MACtion loss
  • Temple still has all of its AAC
  • The AAC East can be had, UCF isn’t the unbeatable monster many portrayed them to be
  • Memphis, SMU (nice win!), Tulane will be difficult contests. In addition to an always pesky ECU squad and difficult road games against UCF and Cinci, the next 2 games are almost must wins
  • As a CFB fan, you have to like how the AAC is setting up this season. No clear cut best team, although I’d still take UCF, for now.
  • Temple can still win the AAC, if they so choose

moving on

I’m not sure how easily the punting situation gets rectified, or the terrible body language when the team faced adversity. That latter is a leadership issue.

Russo is what he is. You can get the big plays, but there are a lot of accuracy and mental mistakes. There are times where his receivers can help him out as well.

This isn’t meant to be a sky is falling type of post. There is a ton of game film to dissect for the team. They have shown flashes of brilliance, there is a lot of football to be played. 9 games to go and plenty of time to make this season a special one.

They face a Georgia Tech team that was idle, and now has some extra film on how to beat down on Temple. The Owls will be challenged by a roster full of P5 players, many who talent-wise can make up for the philosophy overhaul taking shape at GT. They present their own problems, and if Temple gets inside it’s own head, can make life miserable for the Owls for a second straight week. Temple at home should play better, and I suspect they will, but as we just found out, no game is an obvious win. Georgia Tech will be ask the Temple front 7 to step up.

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