Temple vs Georgia Institute of Technology: Keys To The Game

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With offense uncertainty looming, defense will have to stay strong

Temple hopes to rebound from a disastrous trip to Buffalo against a Georgia Tech team that has just about hit rock bottom with a loss to Citadel. I previewed the match-up in another post, so with this one I will jot down some important factors that will contribute to the game this Saturday:

Offensive keys

  • As cliche as it sounds, stay ahead of the chains. 2nd and 7, 3rd and 3, make the conversions possible and keep the offense on the field
  • OL “line yards” ranks 126th, meaning Davis and Gardner have to do a lot of work just make things 2nd and 7. The OL isn’t doing well run-blocking, perhaps why Uremovich got away from it at Buffalo.
  • Russo throws interceptions, a clean game would be nice and protect the football. He wants to do so much, but sometimes just take the check down or throw it away.

defensive key

  • Georgia Tech has a few options at QB and its possible we see a couple of them rotate it. They were recruited for the triple option offense, making them good athletes and “OK” throwers. The deep threat isn’t tremendous. Continue to limit the big passing plays.
  • LBs and DBs will have to play with extra discipline. GT using that vaunted Patenaude RPO/spread and Buffalo showed game film where undisciplined LBs play can happen if they don’t keep an eye on the ball, play their gaps (overran plays) and understand their assignment
  • Win the money downs

other factors

  • Win the turnover battle for once
  • No special teams blunders
  • Barry has a low bar, just punt the ball >30 yards

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